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A few weeks ago I was at my favorite grocery store and ran into a friend and colleague. Jane Shallberg, M.Ed, MT-BC is the director ofArizona Sound and Music Therapy Institute. If you have read my previous posts, then you have probably figured out that, while I do work with adults, my primary experience and expertise has been in special education. Jane’s music therapy practice is so different from mine. She does vibration therapy with Tibetan singing bowls and she invited me to a session. During my graduate work I took a course on Javanese Gamalon and I loved playing the big gongs so I thought I knew more about vibrational healing than I really did.
The clinic space was set much like a massage studio with a table in the middle, but around the table were beautiful big metal bowls of varying sizes. Jane explained that this healing practice has been used for more than 2500 years and helps to reduce anxiety and manage stress, reduce depression, lessening agitation, pain reduction, increasing energy, heightening awareness and promoting an overall sense of well-being. She told me that she has been working with mental health, cancer, and hospice patients.
Before she started we discussed some of my wellness goals and set an intention to release the tension in my neck and shoulders and relax my voice. I first lay on my stomach on the massage table and Jane began striking the bowls around me. To say that I was filled with sound would be an understatement. I could feel the vibrations within and throughout my body. My muscles relaxed and it seemed like every part of me was vibrating along with the amazingly beautiful sound. She then took a large bowl she called the “G” bowl because it is for the chakra related to the voice; she placed the bowl between my shoulder blades and struck it. As she moved the bowl around, I told her when I had a spot that was tense, there was such a large transfer of energy that the bowl became warm.
I turned over so that I was lying on my back, and Jane continued to strike the bowls around me. As I closed my eyes and focused on breathing, she then put the same “G” bowl on my abdomen. I felt vibrations all the way through to my back and down my arms and legs and became so relaxed that my mind was free and I was able to imagine a Kaleidoscope of pattern and color.
Before I knew it the session was over and for the first time in a very long time, I was completely relaxed and even pain free for a while. I did experience an opening of my chest and my voice is sounding much more relaxed. I will be scheduling more sessions and I highly recommend this type of music therapy for everyone, whether you are dealing with an illness, pain, or just anxiety of everyday life.

Debi Kret Music Therapist Tempe,AZ August 23, 2015

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I experienced Tibetan bowl sessions with Jane on a several occasions and was always mesmerized with the purity of sound, the strong sense of clarity, peace and relaxation they created in me. I know everything in our Universe is vibration. So when I was facing back surgery requiring a fusion with rods, screws and cages, I decided to have pre and post operative sessions with Jane to help prepare my body to effectively manage the trauma. I also wanted to balance the effects of the medication and anesthesia that I would be given and for my body to easily integrate the new bone and hardware. I scheduled two sessions with Jane prior to the surgery and had three sessions following surgery. They helped calm my fears and allowed me to set a clear intent for my body to  accept and embrace the hardware as a supportive gift. I had three sessions the first 3 weeks after surgery. Each helped my healing process significantly. I have done amazingly well and am extremely appreciative to Jane for the honor of experiencing such an amazing and effective process. Now, I have sessions to promote my overall  clarity and well-being. Plus, they feel wonderful!  Jane is superbly talented, humble and sincere.  She is a Master at her craft. I would wholeheartedly recommend the sessions to anyone.

Nancy Hughes Integrative Therapist Phoenix, AZ August 23, 2015

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I recently broke a bone in my foot and came to Ms. Shallberg for a series of Tibetan Bowls sessions. The vibration from the bowls was very soothing to my foot and overall relaxing for me. The bone fully healed in record time, a fact I attribute to the bowl sessions. The gentle vibration from the bowls and the healing intention of Ms. Shallberg promoted the bone to knit cleanly. I would highly recommend Tibetan Bowl sessions for bone healing or any medical condition.

Barbara Crowe Music Therapist. Mesa, AZ August 23, 2015

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I carry much tension in my jaw. Before the bowls meditation, I set my intention to rid me of anxieties, without thought of my jaw. During the session I felt my jaw tingling, and I reminded myself to let it relax. It has been 4 days, and I haven't ground my teeth or felt anxiety since then. The Tibetan Bowls session was very helpful.

Dixie Tempe, AZ August 23, 2015

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Having a Tibetan bowl treatment with Jane is incredible.  It is hard to describe “the feelings” you feel while you are on the table, but I will try.  While the bowls are singing, feelings of being in an almost trance like state where anything and everything IS possible.  Visions come and go, intense vibrations are felt in each and every cell of the body.  All of these feelings while knowing that you are in a safe energetic space, which allows for a very deep healing.  Jane is an amazing intuitive guide who is able to tap into her guidance to help take you to this unbelievable healing place.

Thank you Jane for sharing your divine gifts with us!  Namaste.

Jen Gilbert, Arizona August 23, 2015