1 on 1

Sessions are tailored to individual’s needs.Goals are discussed in the initial meeting and modalities to utilize are mutually agreed upon. Sessions can incorporate the creative use of music, sound therapy modalities, or a combinations of both to meet prescribed goals.

There are a wide variety of client needs which may benefit from this therapy.  For example, individuals who are dealing with health issues such as a diagnosis of cancer, stroke, dementia and Alzheimers, Parkinsons Disease, arthritis or other chronic pain issues, bone breaks, headaches or recovery from surgery may find help with this modality.

As well, individuals who experience anxiety and/or depression, chronic issues with sleep, brain fog, students with learning challenges, those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, Autism or Aspergers may find relief from symptoms and gain valuable insights for coping and changing difficult patterns.

Persons who are seeking creative breakthrough or spiritual guidance may also find great support in 1:1 sessions, especially within the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls. This sound therapy technique can provide essential guidance and support through the resonant harmonic sound waves which are present, along with the clarity and essential direction of the individual’s prescribed intent. The beautiful tones and resonance of the bowls create a positive and relaxed state, accessing our peaceful mind. This powerful and rejuvenating experience brings about many healing effects on the body, mind and spirit.  Heightened awareness and a deep sense of peace and well-being are common during and after Tibetan Singing Bowls sessions.

About One-on-One Sessions

Sessions are varied in structure, depending on the needs and desires of the individual. For instance, many sessions may start with discussion around current issues or desired  intent. If music and music activities are called for, creative song composition, singing and expressing with instruments may be introduced to achieve expression of feelings, gain important insight, relieve pent up anxiety or muscle tension, or exercise lung capacity. Sessions such as these may be followed with relaxation therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowls to bring clarity and provide important support to the clients sense of  well-being.

Sessions which are comprised of the sound modality of Tibetan Singing Bowls start with discussion and clarity around intention, and follow with the emersion of the vibrational sound experience. To experience a session, clients rest comfortably lying down or sitting in a chair. The bowls are struck in deliberate sequences on or around the body, depending on identified goals and needs expressed. Tones are felt throughout the body providing opportunity for stress reduction and alleviation of symptoms. The sound of the bowls is both captivating and calming. Verbal and emotional support are provided to facilitate positive and lasting change for participants.


There are many benefits to participating in music and sound therapy. Goals and outcomes include reducing anxiety and managing stress, reducing depression, lessening agitation, pain reduction, increased energy, heightened awareness, and promoting and overall sense of well-being.